VWLS A Single Market for Europe

Ziel der Veranstaltung

Students have to have a good overview on the market rules and dynamics that stem from economic integration

Inhalte der Veranstaltung

In the EU and its “old” and “new” member states there is a wide range of changes in large market segments going on, that are triggered by globalisation and channelled by European rules and regulations. This applies to the markets for production factors (labour, capital) as well as for markets for output (goods and services). An overview of the main forces and changes of direction and rules will be given following the framework of “Single Market” in the EU with emphasis on the transfer from state to competition in services. Recent and upcoming enlargements will be included into the seminar. Selected policies that influence business, like agricultural policy, regional policy and competition policy will be discussed:

Markets for factors of production
• Free movement of people
• Capital and interest rates
Markets for goods and services
• Free trade
• Liberalisation and privatisation of services
In-depth studies on selected issues
• Enlargement issues
o country studies, i.e. Turkey
o sectoral studies
• Selected policies in the EU
o Competition policy
o Regional policy
Agricultural policy


Textbooks on Single Market issues and country studies:
Brasche, U.: Europäische Integration, München 2008
Dervis, K.: The European transformation of modern Turkey, Brussels [u.a.] 2004
Dierx, A. (Ed): European integration and the functioning of product markets, Cheltenham [u.a.] 2004
Emerson, M.: One market, one money: An evaluation of the potential benefits and costs of forming an economic and monetary union, Oxford (u.a.) 1988
Ilzkovitz, F. and Dierx, A.: The economic costs of non-Lisbon. A survey of the literature on the economic impact of Lisbon-type reforms, in: European Economy. Occasional Papers, 16, 2005
Jovanovic, M. N.: The economics of European integration. Cheltenham, Northampton 2005
OECD: Economic surveys 2004: Turkey, Paris 2004, 2006
Sapir, A., Aghion, P., Bertola, P., Hellwig, M., Pisani-Ferry, J., Rosati, D., Vinals, J. and Wallace, H.: An agenda for a growing Europe: Making the EU Economic System Deliver
Recent studies of international organisations and research bodies (CEPS; CEPR etc.) on the economic development of the EU

Art der Veranstaltung




ECTS Credits

5 ECTS-Credits (150h Arbeitspensum, ca. 50h Präsenzzeit, ca. 40h Vor- und Nachbereitung, ca. 60h Prüfungsvorbereitung)


Mix of lectures and group work; presentations by students; country studies; preparation by working through a reading list


Written test (90 min.) or homework (ca. 4000 words) plus presentaion and discussion (=oral examination)


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Prof. Dr. phil. Ulrich Brasche
Volkswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Europäische Integration

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Prof. Dr. phil. Ulrich Brasche

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